Dr. Jignesh A. Patel
Dr. Jignesh A. Patel, MD
Interventional Cardiologist,
Kaiser Permanente,
TPMG, Northern California, USA.
Founder and Owner of DocsHearts

What is DocsHearts...


Hobbies, Expressive Art & Talents

Docshearts is a unique platform, showcasing creative, artistic and multitalented side of doctors from across the globe. Its mission is to recognize, promote and nurture interesting hobbies, artistic abilities, and special talents of doctors worldwide through an inspiring media display and an interactive as well as supportive network of medical professionals.

My story starts with carefree childhood years spent in a small village of Kevadia, India. Mountains, rivers and lush green forests all around, infused me with endless love for nature, the birthplace of all creativity known to mankind.

Growing up I connected to my true inner self through painting, singing and writing. Rigorous medical training of many years followed, which shaped me into a caring cardiologist but it also distanced me from my creative self. As the years of my medical training went by, yearning to reconnect with my creative side snowballed. As I started humming the songs I wrote and paint on my sketchbook more often, I truly felt happy and rejuvenated. At that point, I wanted to find and connect with more doctors who felt the same way. I embarked on this journey of actively searching for doctors who along with their professional accomplishments, also pursue creative endeavors and interesting hobbies.

As a doctor, being able to help someone in need feels very gratifying. Yet, our own life is much larger than being a doctor. Getting involved in creativity brings resilience, promotes wellness and makes us better doctors and human beings. By sharing your talents and creativity on this platform, you will inspire many doctors to rekindle their creative spirit and in turn help build a resilient and happy society of doctors.

Our creative team: Creative, artistic and talented doctors from around the world form our true creative team.